Thursday, June 11, 2009

Entry Way


Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Basement



Full Of Light

Tropic Porch

Fly Away

Babble Bath

Hand Painted Back Splash

The Nursery

The Princess Room

My daughter's room (Finished product)

I saw a flower with star stencil at the princess isle at home depot and I couldn't stop myself not to buy it since this room was my first project on my list. Never painted on a wall only notebook using color pencils. I originally painted the stencil as a border on the top of the wall then I realize that the whole room was too pink so I decided to have the stencil painted on a chair rail height then I just added water on my white paint no glaze on a small container then I just used a small paint roller and roll the paint directly to the wall followed with my damp rug to wipe off the excess paint.

All the princesses I painted them directly into the wall.

Glass Stain Mural

Hands And Paws Mural

Painted directly to the wall using interior house water base non toxic latex paint.

Dinning Room Red Wall Faux Finish

mural chair rail and panels